You, as a homeowner, may be concerned about a remodeling or maintenance project. People, especially in the kitchen, prefer an attractive appearance that complements the whole style. And granite countertop installation is one method to add elegance and significantly modify the aesthetic of a kitchen. Granite is an amazing stone that is popular with homeowners and designers. When you see the new granite countertop installation done in your kitchen, you get a fantastic feeling!

Many homeowners, however, may be tempted to install their very own granite and quartz countertops to save money on the cost of countertops installation fees. However, for the reasons listed below, it’s better to leave this specific work to experienced countertop installers like us at Renovva Stone Master!

Granite is Extremely Heavy

Granite, unlike other materials, is incredibly hefty. It weighs roughly 15 pounds on average. It is critical to handle it with utmost care. Trained installation specialists of granite countertops in Los Angeles have the necessary equipment and skills to properly transport large products from the shop to the individual’s home or property without causing damage. Because the weight of granite needs support for it to remain in place, fully qualified specialists are also proficient in the use of rebar.

Assured Measurements Need to Be Exact

It is also critical to ensure that measurements are correct so that everything lines up. Each granite kitchen slab must be precisely installed. A professional granite installer has the necessary competence and experience to accomplish this. Also, a professional installer will teach their clients the appropriate professional procedure for making any kitchen seem faultless.

Top-Quality & Durable Results

Beautiful granite should be proudly displayed. When granite is put by a do-it-yourselfer, uneven slabs, very visible grout, and even stress fractures are all potential issues. Professional countertop installers are aware of these issues and can install granite swiftly and correctly the first time. 

Exploring More of the Granite Kitchen Countertop Installation Process

The First Step: Consultation & Selection

Calling a granite countertop provider and organizing a time for them to visit your home for an estimate is the first step in the granite countertop installation process. They will measure your cabinets, vanities, or countertops for an idea of what the installation procedure would entail. Then you must select a type of granite that suits your preference. 

Next: Template & Fabrication

The installer/organizer takes measurements and creates templates before commencing the manufacturing of your granite countertops. They will finish this procedure without removing your existing countertops. Following that, they begin the fabrication process. They will deliver the granite to your home in stages, cut enormous blocks of stone into small pieces, and finally shape and polish the slab to prepare it for installation in your home.

Last Step: Installation & Sealing

For most projects, it will take two to five hours to install a new granite countertop. It might take a whole day for more sophisticated ones. When installing the granite, the contractor will use a specific epoxy to hold the granite in place. If the epoxy is near a granite seam, it is mixed with tinted resin to blend in flawlessly. They will also use silicone to allow for contraction and expansion between the slabs. They will meticulously clean the installation area and seal the granite after the installation.

Renovva Stone Master: Your Trusted Granite Countertop Installer in LA!

We are delighted to provide a large assortment of custom countertops in Los Angeles here at Renovva Stone Master. We can also assist in kitchen countertop replacement and install them as part of your restoration process. With our extensive years of being in the industry, we are your trusted granite installers near me in the region! We can also do countertop repair! Call us now to know more about us, our complete list of stone offerings, and our services!