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Taj Mahal quartzite is a pristine countertop material with a high durability

Quartzite, Taj Mahal | Santa Monica CA

Turning an old fashion kitchen into a contemporary mix with modern style using a low budget and working smart, Luxiomer's designer offers different ideas. We chose the beautiful quartzite taj mahal for a new kitchen countertop look; this kitchen countertop is made using quartzite Taj Mahal. A hard granite that comes in tones of cream and beige with white fracturous veining conveying elegance. It allows them to match the material with other project elements, like furniture. A key aspect of its aesthetic appeal lies in its marble look and high resistance of the stone, a marble look that can be used in the kitchen. With taj mahal quartzite, one gets a natural stone with marble elegance. In case you didn't know, quartzite is the most challenging natural stone countertop material on the market. More vital than even granite. Although it's not impervious to damage, quartzite is incredibly durable, offering resistance to standard forms of harm like heat, UV rays, etching, scratching, chipping, cracking, and staining. This makes it a practical and beautiful choice for kitchen countertops for busy homes that suffer a lot of daily wear and tear.