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Extremely strong and durable, quartzite slabs are perfect for kitchen countertops

Quartzite, Explosion Blue| Location: Thousand Oaks CA. 91362

Astonishingly beautiful kitchen countertop, blue eagle granite is extracted from one of the best quarries in Bahia, Brazil. The designer loves these exotic slabs, and the fabricator loves them because it is easy to work the moment to cut and glue them. This kitchen countertop shows high-end and deep blue colors mixed with gray. This kitchen countertop material has the perfect match with the backsplash. Renovva stone master's countertop fabricator finished the job, including the kitchen countertop installation, in almost two weeks. It is ideal timing for those who love to cook on a brand-new kitchen countertop. Luxiomer stone gallery is bringing this beautiful material to many exclusive designers and architects; it has different colorations in blue tones and intense and striking veins. Characteristic that makes it exotic and desired. Visit our showroom online at https://renovvastonemaster.com/